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Ekaterina Eremenko, "Despise TV - silly snobbery" - "Laboratory News - Krasnoyarsk"

Producer, director and writer Ekaterina Eremenko brought to Krasnoyarsk his new film – “Sensual Math”. The movie tells about the work of six mathematicians. Questions that address the scientists from around the world, explains the viewer through the senses: taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing and sense of balance. Premiere took place in June last year, after which the film was transferred into ten languages. We talked with the director about the unexpected success of the documentary, vgikovsky education and what movies are popular in the West, Russia.

Ekaterina Eremenko At the first show in Krasnoyarsk told you that the picture uses the unexpected popularity, including among Russian viewers. What caused the interest of the audience for such a complex subject?

– You know, in some of the announcements are now writing “hit film” Sensual Math “.” Just a little bit – and will write a “scandalous.” I’m still not used to this story – I wonder, and I did not expect it. Apparently, we got into some people’s expectations. Maybe this other world and the delight of mathematicians in front of his science really is transferred to the viewer. I do not count it, on the contrary, we think that we are doing absolutely ridiculous tiny unpopular film. So unpopular that even we ourselves ridiculous. When we were filming, then it have the same approach.

But he went to the audience – it’s great, and says that the audience underestimated.

Do not think that you are smarter than others, that the audience – it’s trash. Look at how movies are called, which now go to the movies – “Sex Chronicles”, “What men want”, “On the dream of a woman” – anything that works on the lower chakras. Somehow, it is believed that this is what people need. And then people go to a movie about the math – it’s cool, unexpected and, in my opinion, great. For such a subject no one ever treated – it is considered boring: a man on the background of the board explaining something.

Some say that I did the job for mathematicians. It’s true, it would be nice if mathematics from time to time at least a little to explain the public that they are on the front lines. I do not in any way want to show that use of mathematics achievement, that’s obvious. This science has turned our world in the last hundred years. The film is about people who are in front – that’s what I was wondering.

As picture featured only two Russian mathematician …

– Two Russian hero of the six – a lot. We wanted to show modern mathematics – different characters in different countries.

In Russia higher mathematics education is unpopular, to such a degree is often a shortage. You see some formal reasons?

– I do not think it’s unpopularity. In general, mathematics – is the queen of sciences, the inheritance of the elect. Be given only to the chosen leader in sports, in science. Completely new things in every area of ??U. Math Is it art or direction.

You remarkable biography: diploma Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University, Model career, returning to Russia, working in television, admission to the occupation of the University and directing. At what point did you realize that you want to do a movie?

I worked in television and studied at the Institute of Cinematography in parallel. Many Centerfolds thought about what to do after my career. Most want to work in the offices of fashion magazines or become photographers. And I immediately wanted to become a filmmaker. A little bit cheeky idea, but I was wondering, and I entered the Film Institute.

originally thought that I would make money on television, but for the soul to do mathematics. But I failed to do anything for money. Always wanted to invest.

immediately invited to become the leader. There is a hierarchy of women on television: the leading work – is to be a general, but to shoot scenes – it’s infantry. I was wondering, and I probably was the only presenter who was trying to learn how to shoot herself. The first story – about a fashion show. Arrived, I interview and the man speaks and says, I do not know what you have to stop … Brought the material, I understand that I can not add to this story … Six months later, tried again, slowly started to turn. It’s like an ant on the plane, who realized that the world – three-dimensional space.

It would not hurt if vgikovsky education with his creative method?

Many teachers contemptuously refer to the television. One of the professors said that does not allow its students to work in television because it’s trash and then they will not be able to make movies. I’m with this point of view does not agree. She’s so, you know, snobbish. It is believed that the TV – it’s consumer goods, and cinema – high art. I think that is nonsense. Because the filmmakers after fighting positions are 5%. Of course, a lot of competition among them. But very few people remain in the profession. A reporter – the bread, but you should be able to work. For me it was a good school. But then it was a special time – it was fortunate that there was a program “Vremechko” where we do different creative things. It was a smart school. There were some scenes that after people called and passed the money heroes. Now I would advise directors to shoot video and even they think of the drama. There are storie s – very strong and emotional. Looking down on the TV completely unjustified – this is a stupid arrogant snobbery.

Ekaterina Eremenko Is it necessary higher education director?

I can not say that vgikovsky education is not necessary. Now Russia is only one institution that actually prepares professional filmmakers. This is not enough. And it is very expensive for talented people to go to this Moscow. I have sometimes been invited to lead a film school in Irkutsk, which is in demand. I, too, once completed Discovery Campus Masterschool in Germany. The bottom line is that they invited the best experts from around the world, but only for a week. And the rest of the students are engaged in themselves and communicate with the master on the internet. I think it is promising when opening film school in the field. Many people would love to come and share their experience. Of course, education will not hurt anyone. But his absence should not prevent anyone to make a movie. Now after technological revolution – the film technique is cheap. You can try their hand. This film we shot on the camera, we had a tiny budget.

With you worked talented operator, Pavel Kostomarov. What is your relationship to the site?

We were different, and it’s great. Actually, he’s a great man. We’re friends, and I invited him to shoot all of the previous film, and could never get hold of him – he’s been busy. And now it has become quite famous, and for some reason agreed to shoot my film.

How not to be mistaken with the hero, who is interested in the viewer?

When you shoot about the characters that you are sincerely interested in, then get an interesting movie and the audience.

A funding? How to convince a sponsor to give money just for your project?

All my films are financed TV. The contract for an idea will not give. It is necessary to provide drama, write a script, then there is a chance. There are contests, you can apply. And I know they’re looking for people from the provinces, who are trying to do something. You have to find the story of the hero. Of course, the competition is huge. If you have an exclusive, it’s always good. Often the question is: why you shoot the story, not someone else? If you have a connection with any event, the material of which no one has a hero or just agree with you to work, then it is an argument.

on Russian film festivals exhibit many films about social issues. It is believed it is popular with Western audiences …

I do not want to shoot about people with broken wings. I even took off his first film ( «Russian canary» ), I was told – that we have kanarovodom – he had a very hard life: his wife stricken with paralysis, he suffered a heart attack. Yes, life is hard. Perhaps this is not a very popular view among cinematographers, but I’m not afraid of that seamy side – I do not want to show the people with his hands down. Secondly, I enjoy working with passionate characters – it’s a passion, and it’s great. Recently saw a Finnish film – and such it is terrible, depressing. I think the poor director – to spend at least a year of his time, to say that life is boring and horrible – why?

cite an example, the movie “My class” about immigration. He is on the Internet – is illegal, but all who want to can see. We polklassa left, polklassa left. Theme of many worries – leave without leave, that you lose the complexities. Excited and me: I was born in Russia, and I live in Germany. But the film is made as a return. Survivor – the most talented mathematician to whom all doors are opened, returned to Russia, received an offer to work here. It looked like a Russian propaganda. A penny Russian money on the film is not spent. His funded BBC, Arte, German and Swiss TV. And all of these editors have come to take my film with the ending. They say, we understand that you’re a patriot of Russia, we would be happy to show positive films about Russia, but especially do not offer. Just a Russian film directors often shoot some “dill” – about Stalin, about the gulag. I’m just not interested it would be to do it. Th ere is nothing new in the fact that life is hard, no. There are new to something else.

online newspaper Newslab.ru, Alina Kovrigina

Sessions “sense of mathematics” in the House of Cinema

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