Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Kuzbass resident in secret from his wife gave a TV for the debts and told the police about the theft – Kemerovo

In Anzhero-Sudzhensk of the Kemerovo region go to court a local resident for the false accusation. The man behind the debts paid TV, and to avoid conflict with his wife, told the police about the theft of equipment.

As reported in GU Ministry of internal Affairs of Kuzbass allegedly stolen television Kuzbass resident was estimated at 20 000 rubles. Investigators at the scene quickly realized that the testimony of the “victim” bear little resemblance to the truth. They made the interrogation, the man confessed that he gave the TV to a friend in account the available cash in front of him the debt.

“In order to avoid scandal with his ex-wife, with which they bought a TV on credit and planned to share the technique after a divorce, the man informed the police about the theft” – said the interior Ministry.

Thus, the “victim” quickly moved into the category of suspects for obviously false denunciation. To the man threatens till two years of imprisonment.


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