Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Additional features of the TV: description – NIA-Kuzbass

TV – familiar in every home thing. Due to the rapid technological development and the desire of each of the producers to maximize their production, modern telepostanovki equipped with additional programs and features that enable you to use them even as a computer.


Choose a TV with selected additional features in the “Hello”. Online store TV in Odessa delivers orders around the city. For fastest search, use the filters to display the products that best meet your needs.

in Order to choose the most appropriate model, it is necessary to understand the purpose and functions of each Supplement. Why pay for something that you will not use.

  • Smart TV. A major breakthrough in modern television technology. This feature allows you to use your TV to access the Network to view the video and photo in camera, listen to music, watch movies online, or just chat with friends on social networks without interrupting the process of watching the television. These models are alternative ways of managing and accessing (by voice, gesture, visual identification of the user).

  • 3D. Technology allows you to view movies in format of three-dimensional image. TVs with 3D is equipped with a system for adjusting the depth image, converting flat images into 3D (when it is enabled, even ordinary news or a movie converted into 3D image). Remember that to view the image in 3D you’ll need special glasses.

  • the data Exchange. Additional technologies: DLNA (Association of technical devices in various formats (camera, phone, PC, TV) in a single LAN), MHL (pairing phone to view media files on the TV screen), Miracast (transfer of data between devices over a wireless connection), WiDi (for pairing with the mobile device for transfering the image on the screen telepostanovki).

  • communications Capabilities. Modern models of TV sets equipped with HDMI connectors and USB ports for connection with other devices. Better if such ports will be several.

  • Additional features:

Teletext (broadcast voice streaming, text);

- the timer (programmed to turn on and off devices at the specified time);

- GID programs (special program to review the program guide to present);

- protection of children (lock selected channels);

- volume control (auto add/decrease volume depending on user settings);

- “picture in picture” (for viewing two channels simultaneously);

- freeze (possibility of suspension of the display are viewable after the break).


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