Monday, October 24, 2016

Will there be a show on TV after the transition to digital … – Arguments and facts

In 2018 in Russia there will be a planned shutdown of analog TV. To replace him comes digital, which has higher quality picture and sound. After the transition to “figure” you do not need to buy a new TV, would only need to purchase additional equipment. To view digital television by the presence of a conventional antenna can not do. Will have to set the receiver (decoder, encrypted digital signal) to convert the received data into image and display it on the screen.

some newer TVs have built-in receivers. So the owners of these devices to buy any additional equipment is not necessary.

Where to get a receiver?

TV set-top box can be purchased at any electronics store. Certain categories of citizens, which includes large and needy families, disabled and pensioners, local governments will be provided certain benefits to making a purchase.

How much is a receiver?

the Average price of consoles — 1,5 thousand rubles.

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