Saturday, October 29, 2016

TV antenna more to demonstrate not – Polical – exclusive news

In the Smolensk region will switch off analog TV

To replace the analogue television is finally coming of digital. In fact, there was a shift from 2015 to 2018 due to the fact that, again, reduced funding, shifted to the right building.

“no One would support it, well, is still possible, only some one or two of the region will leave something on the basis of their regional interests, nothing more,” added the Minister.

“However, beyond 2018, analog broadcasting will not exactly”.

the question of the establishment of the 3rd multiplex (which should be formed in every region separately and to include the regional channels, the sign of which will be distributed in the territory of one region) is currently economically feasible and no financial conditions, said Nikiforov. Recall state target program on transition from analogue to digital terrestrial television was launched seven years ago. It contains the following channels: First channel, “Russia 1″ “Russia-2″, NTV, “channel 5″, “Russia-Culture”, “Russia 24″, “Carousel”, OTR, TVC. 2nd broadcasting from 2013, includes, for example, STS, TNT, Zvezda, REN-TV. More precisely, we just do not see financial assumptions. “Due to the fact that the volume of the advertising market decreased madly, very madly broadcasters also save the list of locations where they want to broadcast,” he explained.

“the Second multiplex works far not everywhere the first.” It will replace the so-called 1st multiplex, in other words, the package of essential channels. This question of the state, this funding including from the Federal budget, particularly the rise in human settlements least 100 thousand citizens.

Nikiforov also noted that the Ministry of communications made to the legislative guide project, providing non-discriminatory access of operators to the telecommunication infrastructure in residential buildings. The Minister explained that on the subject of a disagreement between departments.


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