Sunday, October 23, 2016

Xiaomi Mi 3 TV — 4K TV for peanuts – ProstoTECH

don’t know what to call this device. TV? Yeah, him too. Console? Well, if you pull the ears, and the console on Android. The gadget is? Yes, I think this word describes this device the most. Xiaomi Mi TV 3 today we will consider, all the details in the video review of our colleagues

4K panel, which costs $ 800? Nothing surprising. Even cheaper can be found. But not at 60 inches diagonal, and without the support Android. What is so good Mi TV 3 that it wants plenty of geeks?

the Main feature of Xiaomi Mi TV 3 — lack of “brain” in the panel. Buying a 4K display is an impressive diagonal of 60 inches, do not have to think about the obsolescence of the hardware of the smart TV. A special cable connecting the Soundbar and the TV panel was not chosen randomly. All electronics, including CPU MStar 6A928, graphics Mali 760, and 2 GB of RAM, is enclosed in the casing of the Soundbar.

Why? Yes it is then that the user can in the case of the release of the updated iron to change not the whole TV all that at a price of 800 dollars is not only very expensive but also quite unreasonable. Xiaomi just released a new Soundbar for, say, a quarter of the price of a full set. Disconnect old, connect new, and you have a very modern 4K panel and the latest hardware you can find on the market.

With Android, however, there are a couple of problems. First: it is necessary to bring to life, that is, to turn into English speaking or at least English speaking. Because reading characters on a regular basis a few tires. To do this, however, need to do a little forums like XDA or Xiaomi, but the solutions are there and they are quite simple for those who dare to buy Mi TV 3, being outside the people’s Republic of China.

When a few it is easier to buy Xiaomi Mi TV 3 Russia — do not know. And sorry, TV (or gadget) was a success. There is, however, interesting solutions from Chinese giant LeTV, which we have already talked and are well worth paying attention to. However, as the gadgets Xiaomi, which in Russia is perfectly delivered. But Mi TV 3 we are still waiting, it’s just really good.


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