Wednesday, September 14, 2016

“M.Video” explained the failure of the buyer to sell the shares on the TV – RBC

Network “M.Video” explained why in a store refused to sell to the buyer network television for 17999 rubles. This RBC said PR-director of “M.Video” Valery Andreyev.

Earlier, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has acknowledged misleading slogan “Best Price Guaranteed! Found cheaper? Reduce the price! “. This happened after an incident with a customer who wanted to buy in the store a second television network for 17999 rubles., But was refused.

As part of the program “Best Price Guaranteed!” The buyer can buy the product in “M. “at the price established competitor. At the same time, there are several conditions: the shop must be in the list of competitive, comparable goods must be the same, and any discounts for the goods in the store are not considered competitors, reported the FAS

In “M.Video” RBC explained that. buyer purchased a television in the “Eldorado” for 17999 rubles., because it acted action “for the opening of a new store.” “Therefore, this client request did not meet the conditions of the program,” – said Valery Andreyev RBC

Andreev added that after the receipt of all documents from the FAS “M.Video” does not exclude the possibility of appealing the decision of FAS..


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