Saturday, September 24, 2016

TV robs children of creativity — Scientists – KPress


But even 15 minutes is quite safe to children’s creative ability has decreased.

prior To this it was found that the long seat at the TV actually activates the weakness of the children to consume harmful carbonated drinks. The strongest changes occurred in those who watched TV for 4 hours or more. Scientists from the University of Staffordshire found out, what harm can the long seat at the TV. Professionals stated that to reduce this figure need just 15 minutes spent in front of the display.

Scientists have proved that in the process of experience involving 60 children under the age of 3 years.

the Young participants were divided into two groups. One group of children presented the fragments from the cartoon “Postman Pat”, the rest were given books and puzzles.

the Second phase was a test that estimates the number of creative ideas and their originality, writes the plain press.

In one of the past studies, scientists found that long watching TV inclines children to drink the harmful aerated drinks. However, this effect disappears after a short time.

the impact of TV on the sheer number of creative thoughts is not actually observed. Scientists note: for the TV children can not stop a creative approach to the game.


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