Sunday, September 25, 2016

TV robs children of creativity — Scientists – TVOY GOROD Pskov

moreover, authors of the experience pay attention to such nuances of the creative process, as the amount of thought and originality.

Professionals have divided the children into groups. This proved of particular tests in which took part 60 children at the age of 3 years. They associated this index have children who watched the cartoon Postman Pat, and their peers, read books or collecting diverse kinds of Board puzzles.

Only 15 min. watching TV making children less creative not passive.

the Subsequent test of creativity showed that the children who watched the cartoon only 15 min., demonstrated a low level of originality than children studying books and collecting puzzles.

the participants who watched cartoons for only 15 min., the idea was the least original in comparison with those who considered books or put puzzles together. However, the negative effect was short-lived and acted only for some time directly after watching animated films. But he reduced the level of creativity. Scientists note: for the TV children can not stop a creative approach to the game.

In turn, lack of creative approach of any kind in the future will affect human development.

Scientists have concluded that the constant watching TV has a bad effect on the intellectual development of children.

Professionals reported that using the TV parents can facilitate the process of memorizing new words in a child.

the Impact of television on the health and psyche of children is studied over one year.

In the framework of the experience of children read certain sentences containing several unknown words. All participants were asked to share creative thoughts.

One of the experiments involves the silence in the room, and in the process of the 2nd experience, the specialists used a background sound.


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