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The battery seems to discharge in an uncontrolled manner, the iPhone. Who has no charger to Hand, has a Problem.

Of Ingo “features”,

For Smartphone users, it is a horror: The Smartphone battery has 30% charge, but the device turns off and doesn’t come back again. This is a Problem many iPhone owners report in a support forum at Apple. First reported prior to about four weeks, in the past few days, many other iPhone users have reported. Although the manufacturer has been informed in recent weeks of many of our customers, Apple does not for Details.

What models are affected

Thus the cause for the problems is not known. Many of those Affected to suspect a bug in the current iOS Version, however, also Concerned that even iOS 9 log.x and still the same failure signs symptoms. The Problem seems to be limited to certain iPhone models. The descriptions apply to all models since the iPhone 5, including the latest iPhone 7. The battery bug provides all Concerned that the iPhone switches off when the battery level is 30 percent surprisingly. A short time before the battery will jump 30 percent to 1 percent. Because the Smartphone holds the battery is empty, the device is turned off, for safety’s sake. Without additional equipment, the iPhone can not be used again.

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Only with charger the iPhone goes back to

Only when the iPhone is on a charger, it starts up again. After the Boot process, the Smartphone has 30 percent battery capacity. It can then be used for a few hours without it shutting off again. As soon as the iPhone but the next Time the 30% battery, it turns off again. Who dabeihat so, I have no external charger, can not use his iPhone, though the battery capacity is actually enough.

described But appearances off the 30 percent of battery charge failure. So it’s clearly more battery power, the percent reduction in value abruptly. In the case of an 80% full battery is indicated by a second on the other, only a value of 40 percent. So conclusion, the battery value in the short to slip it on a percentage, so that the Smartphone shuts down is not.

battery replacement promises to be no remedy

This error in the battery display to ensure that the victims no longer can use your iPhone often for a day to hang out without it to a charger. Then the iPhone can be used for a while, to be Concerned, but you should not be at the best without a charger on the go. Some of the Affected have built-in batteries to exchange, without the errors would have been resolved. In others, a battery replacement has eliminated the error. A battery exchange is not a guarantee that the error is corrected. A software error could also be the cause of that.

Free battery replacement for the iPhone 6S

The affected iPhone owners are upset because Apple is telling many of them that the error is known and a correction is in work. Other get no information. Some consider due to these massive problems, from the iOS platform to prevent and to want in the future to Android-change the bearings.

Only a week ago Apple launched a free battery replacement for an iPhone model. This exchange only applies to the iPhone 6S from a specific production cycle. For all other iPhone models from Apple, not a comparable offer.

battery calibrated wrong?

readers of noted that the battery issues may be with an incorrectly calibrated battery. The reader reported that Apple have recommended in such a case, to charge the battery fully and let the phone completely run empty. Thus, the errors should no longer occur information on the battery capacity. Which is why the battery is incorrectly calibrated, and why the problems occurred in the past few weeks, is not known.

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