Tuesday, December 27, 2016

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New documents show the expected OLED Display on the iPhone 8. (©YouTube/concept iPhone 2016)

New leaked documents Apple watch in the cards: The iPhone 8 will appear to Release in the next year, therefore actually in three different versions. The luxury variant has been operating in internal circles, apparently under the name of a famous race car manufacturer.

The rumors surrounding the Release of three different iPhone 8 variants in the next year will receive a new impetus. On the Chinese Social Media service Weibo new documents leaked, derived according to Forbes, from a trusted source and the code name of the new Smartphone models were betrayed.

“Ferrari”,: iPhone 8 with OLED Display

Under the D20 and D21 operate, therefore, improved versions of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, which the source believed the official title of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. Both are likely to have, as expected, continue to have a LCD Screen, while the presumed luxury-iPhone-8 is supposed to have a OLED screen. This model is referred to according to the Leak with the abbreviation D22 and Apple is also internally code-named “Ferrari”. Bright red the High-End Smartphone, in all likelihood, will not, for the recently published reports of a possible curved OLED seem to Display to be true, the mention of the Leaks explicitly.

Compact design by new life

also, a new, more compact Design of the iPhone 8 is indicated, which is made possible by a new motherboard. The main Board consists of two Parts and can be accommodated in this way, space-saving in your Smartphone. Possible that Apple has omitted in the course of this innovation also on the physical Home Button. Rumors in this direction for some time, the round – and are likely to continue up to the Release next year.


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