Wednesday, December 28, 2016

LG TV 32LF560V: great picture for little money – “All for You”

As powerful as they are, the large industries sometimes have an Achilles heel. Take the manufacturers of smartphones: they are trying tirelessly to diversify their supplies, but their sub-contractors are also subject to the same constraints. What to do when its production depends on the delivery of machines to produce the components they need.

Thus, the launch of the iPhone 8, which will be, in all likelihood, equipped with an OLED display (organic light-emitting diode) curved edges, like the models of Samsung, could not take place on the scheduled date because of a japanese company unknown. Canon Toki is the only company to design, build and sell the machines used in the manufacture of these screens. All the manufacturers of screens, Samsung to LG passing by Sharp and Japan Display, to provide in it.

Samsung in the shadow of Canon Toki

Highly sought after, Canon Toki has doubled its production capacity this year. It is not, however, able to deliver more than a dozen machines per year. For each order, it takes two years before you receive the new equipment. Including its primary customer, Samsung, which, according to the firm Markit, according to IHS is going to provide the screens of the three iPhone models planned for 2017, among which a very high-end to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the smartphone.

“Currently, the market of OLED flexible is under the quasi-monopoly of Samsung, which is the only company to mass-produce, both for its phones, but also for its competitors”, explained to the Forbes Jeff Kim and Kevin Kim, an analyst of Hyundai Securities.

For Apple, the move is tough. But it is also for all of the smartphone manufacturers that have need of this technology to evolve their devices. According to Bloomberg, the offer will be hard to keep up with the demand.

Teruhisa Tsugami, the manager of the company tries to reassure the clients. “We do everything we can to increase our production and shorten our delivery times”. Apple will he have to settle for launching a limited series of iPhone Oled?

At this stage, everything is possible, even if no responsible person concerned did not wish to comment on the subject, apart from Han Sang-beom, CEO of LG who admits to a delay of investment on OLED screens for smaller devices.


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