Thursday, December 29, 2016

The LG TVs for the New year become victims of hackers … – CNews –

Think they failed to capitalize on Note 7-failure.

There were several people who predicted that the explosive problems of the Samsung and Note 7, would get to the good.

Lacked a must-have-product
According to analyst Stephen Baker of the NPD managed not Apple to capitalize on this.

Samsung managed to fight away other Android competitors, and also the Apple because of Apple’s lack of a must-have product this year, was the comment to the Baker on the topic.

Think they failed to tempt the Samsung customers
Chetan Sharma, a consultant in mobilindustrien, agrees in statements to NPD analyst:

With their hardware, software, and app and innholdsbutikker, Apple has the strongest ecosystem. iPhone users looking for an upgrade to stick to Apple. But in the year in which Samsung tabbet properly out, not Apple, a phone with some enticing features that may be wondering to themselves Samsung-users.

Earlier this week let the Flurry forward aktiveringstallene for christmas shopping. The figures show that Apple had 44 per cent of the market.

– Apple products accounted for 44 percent of active smartphones and tablets in the period, while Samsung’s smartphones and tablets accounted for 21 percent, according to Flurry [...] There is a decline for Apple, which had 49,1 per cent in the same period in 2015. For Samsung, there was an increase from 19.8 per cent, ” notes the consultant.

Difficult to estimate sales figures
Before the launch of the iPhone 7 is stated to Apple that they weren’t going to announce sales figures for the iPhone 7 – as they usually do after lanseringshelgen. It has done that it has been more difficult to determine the exact numbers.

However, there have been several reports of good iPhone 7-numbers, but nothing official. They are not available until the end of January when Apple announces the figures for the year’s last quarter.

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