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photos of Hiking quite easily from iPhone to PC or Mac. (©TURN ON the 2016)

With the iPhone shot photos, You can, of course, not only on the Apple Smartphone, but also on Your PC or Mac. And so, the holiday pictures on Your computer.

If You want to get photos from Your iPhone to Windows computer or Mac, You can use the iCloud. However, if You have no desire for the service and prefer to be on a cable connection, this is almost as comfortable. And so s…

going From the Mac to the iOS photo gallery access

from the Mac to photos on the iPhone access, You need to follow the following steps:

  1. connect Your iPhone via cable to the Mac.
  2. appears When the message “trust This Computer?”, You have to tap on “trust”.
  3. Open the program “Digital pictures” in the folder “programs”. The free application is pre-installed on every Mac already.
  4. Click in the Sidebar on Your iPhone, then you should see the photo gallery.
  5. In terminal, You can select the photos, move, and delete. With a click on “import Everything” can be copied in addition, the entire contents of the photo gallery on the Mac.
  6. To Add pictures to the photo gallery on the iPhone, iTunes must be used.

From the Windows PC to the photo gallery access

If You have a Windows PC, You can access also quite easy on the photos on Your iPhone. The following steps are followed:

  1. connect Your iPhone via cable with the computer.
  2. appears When the message “trust This Computer?”, You have to tap on “trust”.
  3. Open the Windows Explorer and select Your iPhone.
  4. then Click on “Internal Storage > DCIM”.
  5. The photos on Your iPhone are distributed to the individual sub-folders with names like “100APPLE” or “510APPLE”.
  6. photos, You can now as usual, by Drag and Drop on Your Windows PC to copy.
  7. delete photos works just as easily using Windows Explorer.
  8. If You want to copy photos to the iPhone You have to use iTunes synchronization.

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