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TIPS – Photos, calls, mails, SMS, etc. during the year-end holiday season, between Christmas and new year’s Eve new Year’s day, the autonomy of the iPhone is put to the test. To be able to still call or send messages of Good year, our advice is to save your battery by then.

Midnight. You have taken hundreds of photos during the evening and at the time of sending as many SMS or make calls to your family to wish a happy new year, the drama : your iPhone shows signs of failure. The battery is almost flat and no charger on hand. Before this is the hour of tragedy, here are a few tips and the right things to have in order to guarantee a sufficient lifespan to your device.

1 – always Show the percentage of the battery

To follow the evolution of your battery, the battery level in the top right of the screen is an “at sight of nose”. Between 50 % and 21 % (before it turns red), there is nevertheless a difference not always highly visible. Instead, opt for the display of the remaining percentage of battery power, an indicator much more accurate.

How to do ? Go to Settings > Battery

then Press the “Percentage battery” and you will see the percentage view. You can also look at the apps that have the most energy these days to be able to act accordingly.

2 – Enable the power Saving mode

According to Apple, this could add 3 hours of battery life to your iPhone by reducing its consumption. But you will have to make a cross on the refresh of your emails or of your apps in the background, on the voice activated Siri, or automatic downloads. You will then need to do everything manually.

How ? Go to Settings > Battery

You have to enable the power Saving mode. The battery indicator will then change colour from green to orange.

3 – Activate the automatic locking

This gesture quite simple will allow your iPhone to reduce its consumption. After a few minutes of inactivity.

How to do ? Go to Settings > Brightness and display

You set the length of the period of inactivity before switching to locking (from 30 seconds to 5 minutes). You can also choose to stop waking the device when you remove it.

4 – Reduce the brightness of the device

Even a gesture for which your battery will thank you. And your eyes too ! Despite all the efforts of Apple on the display and lower power consumption, the brightness is still very energy intensive. Make sure to minimize his needs without much you can no longer see.

How to do ? Go to Settings > Brightness and display

You can manually adjust the brightness slider, or choose the automatic setting which will adjust depending on where you are, indoors or outdoors in full sun.

5 – turn Off the background refresh

You will be surprised at the number of apps that update constantly, undermining the autonomy of your device. And most importantly, the little that you are a real purpose ! Unless you are on the lookout for the slightest rise or fall in the price of your actions, no obvious refresh of the app Grant you to be of paramount importance…

How ? Go to Settings > General > Refresh in the background

You can freely choose to stop all updates or select the ones you want to keep (Google, Facebook, LCI…).

6 – Disable the localization for permanent app types Facebook

Your friends know at any moment where you find through Facebook, and you are delighted. Your iPhone a little less. The social network is proposing to locate at all times (even when you’re not using the app) and it has terrible repercussions on the life of your iPhone between charges. And Facebook is not the only one to do so, and to use permanently your geographical location thanks to the GPS of the device.

How to do ? Go to Settings > Privacy > location services

to the right of each application appears to be the use of your position (Never, when the app is active, always). In general, please do not hesitate to remove those who ask you for your position, “Always”, that is to say without using necessarily the application. Some apps do also not need of your location, except for purposes purely commercial. Switch in “Never”.

don’t worry, you can reset them at any time ! A study has shown in recent months that it was, however, less energy-intensive to use the mobile version of the website Facebook as its app. A good understander…

7 – Stop the Bluetooth connections and Wi-Fi useless

If you have no paired device (speaker, Apple Watch, connected object, etc), please do not hesitate to turn off the Bluetooth of your iPhone. The same for the Wi-Fi. If you are in any way on 3G or 4G, you will avoid to your device to be in constant search of the network to capture and thus to tap into your self for no reason.

How to do ? Swipe the home screen from the bottom to the top

You go to the control panel and you just have to click on the icons for Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi to put on OFF.

You can also go to Settings > Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

8 – turn off notifications and push email

refresh the mail box does not pass by the option “background Refresh”. It is necessary to adjust manually to stop the ongoing update of the mail box and calendar.

How to do ? Go to Settings > Mail > Accounts > New data

To prevent your iPhone go to constantly look for new messages on the server, press the button “Push”. You can also choose to set the mode of recovery of emails on “auto-Recovery” or “Manual”. The option to “Push” exists for some mailboxes Exchange. You can also modulate.

If you disable the option to “Push” general, you will be able to choose another method of data recovery (manual, every 15, 30 or 60 minutes).

also, be Aware that you have several mailboxes on your app “Mail” reduces the battery life of the device. It is better to choose just one and rely on the versions mobile site to the other. But for example, you can choose to keep only the contacts or calendar associated with it.

other gestures may be, accruing, to do great good to your iPhone : you can remove the vibrating (Settings > Sounds and vibrations) if you have a tone, or simply enter Airplane mode (control Panel on the home screen) to save the last few points prior to extension, but you will not get any calls or SMS. In the App Store and iTunes Store, please do not hesitate to stop the downloads that are not priority, major consumer of energy. Switch to the 3G instead of your 4G faster will also be saving for the battery (Settings > Cellular Data > Options) as well as remove the dynamic effects of the iPhone (Settings > General > Accessibility).


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