Friday, December 30, 2016

Piotr Lisiewicz on the trail of a ferocious pate | SCENES MANIPULATION – cable Republic

the Administration of SIZO “Lefortovo” have promised that will consider treatment of one of the prisoner requesting to be allowed to watch TV in the New year until 03:00 in the morning, told TASS the members of the PMC in Moscow.

in addition, the press-service of management of FSIN across Moscow, the Agency said that the issue of the time watching TV in new year’s eve is at the discretion of heads of agencies.

“In the legislation New year, clock recovery and rebound in the new year night is not spelled out. But the chiefs of the prison can decide to allow TV viewing is usually allowed to watch the new year’s congratulation of the President”, — the head told a press-services of Department Sergey Tsygankov.

the SIZO “Lefortovo” is located in Moscow, is in Federal submission. TV viewing is not permitted after lights out, which, according to the order of the Ministry of justice scheduled for 22:00.

the members of the PMC in conversation with TASS claim that eight hours of sleep — “that’s right, not a duty, prisoners, and if the inmates don’t mind watching television, the grounds for refusal of this request, no.”

Tsygankov also told TASS that “if jail is a possibility, then for the New year try to vary the menu, add some salad or buns.”

“And on Christmas day in the Moscow prison to hold services. In every prison there are rooms adapted for the temples”, — he added. Standard gift set, according to the employee of FSIN — pen, an envelope and a chocolate bar.

He stressed that the cameras do not put the Christmas tree.


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