Monday, August 15, 2016

Malinovskaya pleads Ukrainian producers to take her to “TV” – Federal news agency No.1

Malinovskaya  pleads Ukrainian producers to take her to

Moscow, August 15. Russian TV presenter Masha Malinovskaya pleads Ukrainian producers to give her a job, because in Russia it has “nothing is impossible».

35-year-old from Kiev telediva phoned and asked producers on Ukrainian television. According Malinovskaya, she already has an apartment in Odessa, and in Kiev – a lot of friends. Moreover, she leads by half Ukrainian, and therefore work in another country it will be only a pleasure. Moreover, the political side of relations between Russia and Ukraine, it does not care.

«I beg you, take me, I implore! In “Raschke” now somehow it does not work, but in Ukraine, I would love to work “, – quotes its, the disposal of which was recorded phone call

In conclusion, Malinovskaya admitted. that will do anything to her “and have regretted.” TV presenter also claims that the whole family – the child and her mother – only hold on it, and because the new work it is vital



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