Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sausages and television included in the list of “pollutant” – Altapress – ID Altapress

By the unexpected conclusion reached by British scientists, after conjunction with the BBC journalists found out what habits prolong or shorten human life.

Frankfurters. Photo: Open source.

for example, the survey found that for potential threats include wine, television, sausages and cigarettes. If one cigarette “takes” 15 minutes of life, the whole year is reduced life expectancy of those who eat at least two sausages a day. The same effect from a regular two hours of television viewing. But three glasses of wine a day for men take four months, and women as much as 16 months of life, write “News”.

But there are ways to live longer. For example, 20 minutes of light exercise a day can help to live for two years more. Oddly, coffee also has a positive effect. By drinking one to three cups a day, he added year of life.

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