Friday, August 26, 2016

The winner of the contest “! TV subscription” wrote 11 papers and “Tatmedia” magazines – EVENTS

Kazan Education Department Specialist Raif Zinnatullin first became a party to competition among subscribers and immediately won.

Lucky went to the chief contest prize – LED-TV. The award winners received the Deputy General Director of JSC “Tatmedia” for print media Alfia Adiyatova

-. The first time I participate and win in the competition. Subscribe to the magazine “Magarif” and “Bezneң Miras”, the newspaper “Shәһri Kazan”, “Madani Zhomga” and many others. I like to read the printed periodicals with primary classes. Then my newspapers and magazines subscribed to my parents. “Magarif” write out since 1974 and carefully keep all the rooms of this edition – told Raif Karimullovich

He admitted that every morning starts with fresh media.. Now all newspapers and magazines have websites on the Internet, but the winner of the action “TV subscription!” Visits them rarely and selectively. He loves the printed products, the smell of paper and fresh ink. Raif Zinnatullin finds time not only to read the newspapers and magazines at home, but also regularly visits the library. Love for Pulp Fiction is closely intertwined with his work throughout life

-. I am currently working in urban management guidance counselor education. There used to be a teacher, deputy director and director in high school, he worked in Naberezhnye Chelny, and then was invited to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazan, where he served until retirement. Retired once again moved to the Department of Education, but in Kazan, – says a reader editions “Tatmedia»

Winning the competition was for the reader a complete surprise. His first congratulated the staff of the magazine “Magarif”. In this edition Raif Karimullovich often publish their articles. Therefore, learn the good news from the representatives of this edition was doubly pleased

-. The mood was certainly happy. But the goal to win the competition I did not. After all, I love to read, – said Raif Zinnatullin

The fact that he won the shares of “Tatmedia” “TV subscription!” Is not surprising.. In the family of a teacher and a specialist education love to read everything. The son and daughter of a good command of the two official languages ​​and happy to read books, newspapers and magazines, both in Russian and in Tatar. Even a grandson who has just 10 months, is already showing considerable interest in children’s books with bright illustrations.

– you – our regular reader, actively involved in the signature campaign, for many years, choose our newspapers and magazines, and for this we are very grateful. Very pleased that we have such wonderful readers. I hope that in the future you will write our printed products, – thanked Raif Zinnatullina Deputy General Director of JSC “Tatmedia” for print media Alfia Adiyatova during the award

Recall that the action “TV subscription!” Ran from. 18 April to 20 July. According to its terms the applicant had to write at least three editions of the largest regional media company in the second half of this year. Applications for participation in the prize draw sent more than 160 subscribers in 38 regions of Tatarstan and other regions of Russia. As a reward 12 winners received a set of dishes and even 3 people – digital cameras

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