Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sausages and TV drive people into the grave | “Open the newspaper” – Newspaper “is open for everyone.”

28.08.2016, at 12:24

The researchers decided to find out how common daily habits of people are reflected in life expectancy.

In particular, the British experts studied the effect on the smoking body, wine, sausages, TV, coffee and exercise, according to BBC Future .

Experts warn that the greatest danger to human health is smoking. People who smoked about a pack of cigarettes per day, reduce the duration of his life for 7 years.

The daily watching television for two hours a day leads to life reduction for 1 year . A similar effect can be achieved by consuming two hot dogs a day.

It is also adversely affects the health of regular consumption of wine. Scientists have found that such a glass of alcoholic drink a day reduces the life of the fairer sex at 16 months and males – 4 months

Physical Education and coffee experts attributed to the category of useful treats that have a positive impact on health.. Thus, the daily 20-minute charging extends the life of a man for 2 years, and drunk the day a few cups of coffee – for 1 year

In addition, the researchers note that the beneficial enjoyment do not reduce the harm resulting from the negative habits. and in this case it is better to stick to a sense of proportion.


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