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Do not turn on the TV, what is the reason and what to do? – Press reliz.ru (press release)

Finding that does not turn on the TV, do not rush to call the master, because there are situations in which you can find out yourself. It is about such situations, we discuss in detail in the text below. But do not forget that the modern TV complex electrical and understand its internal failure can only specialist with specific skills, knowledge and tools.
Process of finding the problem, if not turn on the TV starts from the source of electric current, followed by check the power supply, switching boards, processor module, the module scans, the control unit – and it is quite hard work. If you can cope with it, it is unlikely you will be looking for the article to answer the question – “why not turn on the TV?”
For ordinary users, we have created a little instruction, you need to check before you call the master if you do not turn on the TV .
not turn on a new TV
if not included a new TV, you need to consider two options for this kind of problem. The first – the TV was not connected properly or you do something else wrong, it is recommended to carefully read the instruction manual. The second option – a manufacturing defect, in which case it is possible to return the seller TV or take advantage of the warranty service. Reveals a new TV for the self-repair is not worth it, because after the unqualified on TV warranty is no longer valid.
Not turn on the TV, which has already worked for some time
If the TV stopped working and turned on. For
First, check the availability of electricity in the network, then the serviceability of sockets and plugs, as well as for external wire creases or damage.
Next you need to check to see if the TV in standby standby mode (standby), note that the TV switched on and in standby mode, says the glowing LED located, usually on the front of the TV. Standby mode is quite convenient to use, but it is worth remembering that in this mode the TV dangerous power surges. In such a state are energized power supply supply chain and they can burn, causing, in order that the TV will cease to be included.
When not included with the TV remote control, check the operation of the TV control panel, if the button is functioning properly, the problem in the console. The remote is important in time to change the batteries, if the fault of another nature panel can simply be replaced with a new one because of the frequent use of the console, after a while it becomes neremontoprigoden.
In case does not turn on the TV control panel, look for indicator standby. When running, the indicator is a variant that has failed one of the TV modules and the inclusion of blocks, sometimes emits a soft click lock closing relay. In this situation, it is recommended to call the master. If you do not turn on the TV, and the indicator is working, you need to check which mode the TV, because in AV mode or connect the TV to your computer screen may not show anything. Also, if the TV antenna cable is not plugged in or the signal is weak, some TV sets go into monitor mode, which also looks like the TV is turned off.
There are situations when the TV is no signs of life, the indicators are off, no sound is heard in this case you will only work by skilled artisans. You can, of course, check the power outlet, but hopes for this little is likely to need expert help TV.
TV is turned on for a long time
In a situation when the TV is turned on for a long time, most likely, one of the TV is defective blocks. For this type of the TV can be quite different problem. Diagnosing them difficult to search the faulty unit can hold only a specialist with appropriate knowledge, skills and tools. Because a defective block gradually comes into operation and having no experience find it almost impossible to
In case you still want to get more information -. Suggest you read the article fault TVs on our website
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