Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Magnitogorets put up for sale the TV due to poor play on the Russian national football team – TVNZ

Sergey Hvostovet and wrote on the free classified ads website “TV shows cool. The only drawback – the team Russian football it plays badly, flew to the European Championship »

The people appreciated the joke.. A few minutes after the ads phone seller literally torn from the calls

-. In less than half an hour, both for TV came buyer, – says the author of funny ads. – He said that he will take away him to his dacha. He also scolded our team!

Sergei says that the last three years all lived without a television. Old broken. And for lack of news internet. But before the championship magnitogorets failed – I went out and bought a TV set. Especially to watch football.

A resident of Magnitogorsk specially bought a TV to watch the championship

– When our “purged,” I spat and decided that my TV is no longer needed, -. Hvostovet complains Sergey

Magnitogorets lifelong fan of our team. Recently I collected all the titles in the table of national football team of the Soviet Union, illustrated by her photographs and was published in one of the social networks. Sergey, like many fans believe that the Soviet players to play better, because it did not play for money, and defended the honor of their homeland.

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