Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The crisis is not an obstacle: Ten reasons to buy a new TV now – http://tricolortvmag.ru (Registration) (Blog)

 In addition to the TV, which is obsolete, and change the device functioning when connected to it. For example, gaming consoles today is essentially integrated in the TV system, and the remote control becomes a joystick. Some even include a TV set joysticks for game management, service the machine operating system. The development of UltraHD – the content depends on the modernization of the systems Blu-Ray with the ability to broadcast a “heavy” content. Most likely, over time, such a system will also be integrated into the television set. Moreover, , many manufacturers have long been working on a large scale system of “smart house» , in which all the equipment in the home is a single information system, controlled from your smartphone. Such a system can not be imagined without the TV, which, as well as all other equipment , will have to be updated. And now the new TVs can deter mosquitoes . A trifle, but nice!


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