Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Medina accused the US government of trying to “get into every TV” – Russian Public Television

The Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina said that the US government provides support for Netflix video service in an attempt to “get into every TV” reports RNS .

«It turns out that in our conditions of our ideological friends are well aware that there is the most important of the arts – entering via Netflix in every house, get into every TV and through the TV – in the head every inhabitant of the Earth. And we do not understand », – says Medina

Netflix -. The world’s largest video streaming service. At the beginning of 2016 online movie theater was opened access to its platform around the world, including in Russia. In early February, Russian market participants were in favor of the need for additional regulation of the work of this company in Russia.

The head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov invited the representatives of Netflix to meet with Roskomnadzor and the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, on the company expressed its agreement.

Medina also noted that the US government supports financial services. According to the minister, the United States is aware of the existence of “the most important of the arts”, and start-ups on a gigantic scale “per se” do not appear.

Earlier, stated that in the case of the entry into force of the new rules of non-terrestrial television broadcasting in the European Union, so online cinemas as Netflix and Amazon have to show up to 20% of European films and series production.


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