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Maxim Averin: “A normal man in the TV does not go to be engaged!” – TVNZ

A year ago Maxim Averin abruptly changed his life – left the “Satyricon”, where he worked for 18 years. Now Averin changed the image – on tour in Voronezh actor came not brutal bald, and with a crew-cut blond hair

-. Tired. All got used to me. It is necessary to change. In addition, for the role it was necessary – confessed to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the actor, who had just finished filming Alla Surikova in the film “Love and sax»

-. Maxim, say, you are there agreed to do tricks perform. In the abyss of jumping out the window, or -? Asked “Komsomolskaya Pravda” in the artist

-. Why have not I done for my long life – and galloping and jumping and flying. This is nothing special. Artists themselves often do the trick. I come to this reasonable: I ask the professionals, if I can do it. If the risk is huge, I will not allow anybody to this work. And the fact that I can, and I, thank God, a plastic artist, he love to do

-. You had no injuries during the filming of

– All the injuries were in the theater. At Ranevskaya asked: “Have you ever on stage, forget yourself in the role?”. She said: “If I forget, I would fall into the orchestra pit.” I was just this, and sin. I will break somewhere head, tear hand vobyu yourself in the foot sword through


. – what movies make you the impression

-? «Scarecrow” I shook his shrill. Another Italian film by Vittorio De Sica “Bicycle Thieves”, where the child plays, so that it is impossible to break away. I love it when I do not understand how it’s done. Or when a crawl. Here are planing December 31 salad, herring under a fur coat, and his eyes on the TV. I know by heart, this film – before turning head , to intonation. But, hell, waiting for Jack Lukashin makes a mistake and will fly in Leningrad , that Nadia says. This whole culture of the country code. We must return to a cinema, and now these films, that in a year you do not want to review them. I want to back the film, which is to shiver, to storyboard knowledge. I am for the goose. This is our cultural code – to believe in the miracle that will happen. And you want to believe in miracles again

-. You do not want to do a director? In his directorial debut Danila Kozlovsky Cinema Fund gives money

-. Daniel – an amazing person, very talented, proud that he was able to knock out the money. It is well done. There comes a time when the border you want to expand a little bit and move on. The same thing I feel now!

-. What about TV? We watched the show “The Bachelor”, which was your friend Alexei Vorobyov? Advised what the bride he choose

-? Lesha a self-sufficient and talented, he was my advice is not very much and need

-. And do not would like to participate

-? Why do I need this? I seriously do not belong to such a show. I 41 th year, TV normal man does not go to be engaged. I once had the imprudence to participate in the program “Let’s get married,” and for the sake of a joke, the program was Christmas. But I have to Larissa Guzeeva great concern

ELENA MALYSHEVA -. Brilliant woman, not afraid to be funny

– A to a transmission are serious about

-? I bow to Helen malyshevoy . We are ignorant with regard to health. Until eknet, will not fall off, do not turn to the doctor. And when will back, we have a doctor, as a god, hope. So I do not cease to admire Elena Malysheva, amazing, brilliant woman who took the liberty sometimes be funny, but to tell us about the nuances of our bodies – the basic things that we do not know.

– What you might make a sequel «grouse»

-? Now nothing. Because history has been overwritten. If the creative team, when I left, she said, “Stop, freeze waiting fantasize, we invent” rather than swifts coupons. Then I would have thought. And now back to the ashes of this I am not interested. Each year, the bell rings at the “grouse”. But I do not see any reason to do it, see what my colleagues are doing in the sequel, I did not like. « Sklifosovsky » I am interested to continue. I recently looked at, I think I’m the best in the last season. Partners in the film said: “Your best season, because you’re playing very personal.” It’s a role I call furry characters, when I myself interested in it. I’ve never played unequivocal – it is not interesting to anyone. There is no-one people – you, too, wake up in a good mood, then someone it will spoil you someone can get nasty. It’s not because you’re a bad person, there are no bad people, there are circumstances that are above us sometimes prevail.

I spend the most money on the tour

– What helps you to overcome the circumstances

-? The most important thing – in the morning wearing shorts, do not forget even a sense of humor. It helps a lot. Because otherwise not cope. There is no bad weather, we draw it yourself. Rain is beautiful, because it washes away the dust from the street. Snow is beautiful, because it is the New Year. Falling in love with life. All the time we are living in some kind of credit, we think, another life begins tomorrow. And tomorrow: you open the newspaper: person does not have. Like, we’re just playing together. Now this huge race in our lives

-. It has long learned to live for today

-? There comes a time when you start to do things. And you have evaluated them. Because when I went outside, I have in the workbook only one record was – « Satyricon ». I went – how terrible something. It is terrible to work 18 years in one place, and begin to answer for himself. But 40 years is just a very good time to start doing it already. I have no time for grudges. I dreamed of the open doors. I remember it very well: I’m looking for a way out and suddenly I see such beautiful door – and they are open. And I took a step, and suddenly a very different offer. I have not seen the world. And so happy now that I spend most of the money earned on the trip. I have so many things not seen! The Spain has never been. Not all the Italy looked. This is my favorite country. In general, there is no country where I would live with ploho.Esli turd under his nose, it has little to like. And if you fall in love, to discover new things … I do like to fall in love. And even more in the nature of beauty – but how to pass by? Here you sit by the sea, there is nothing more beautiful. I can sit for hours. Crimea – a stunning, wonderful region. Yalta – it is something. But Kamchatka! It was already there two times on tour. This is a crazy land where people away from nature. When you see these volcanoes is a crazy feeling. I’m not one of those people who are on the resorts get nervous after three days. It was in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, and suddenly saw the birch trees can grow as a shrub rose four stem from the same root. I was stunned. Such an interesting edge. He visited oatmeal in the house Astafieva . Absolutely ascetic habitation at great Writer

-. You told me that, too ascetic in life

<. p> – I do not have locks. I need just enough to feel comfortable and not humiliated. We lived in a 19-meter room, we did not have a free corner of the wall: books, my mother’s sewing machine, there is a brother, here I am, there is a dog, piano. cupboard. My mother came into the room and said: “Now we have this closet …”. It is one of several options sideboard made furniture. When I grew up, my mother and ourselves have broken the wall, no it was not the euro-repair. So I always wanted to, finally, in my apartment walls were free. When I say “here it is necessary to hang up,” I say, “Do not!”. When I started to make out the home, I offered to put a huge buffet. Do not need anything! Let it be the space and freedom

A CHILD fought for Pugacheva

-. How is your book promoted

– Slowly. When find out the relationship through the list, I do not really like. God forbid nachnachat pull all the skeletons. I have no right to condemn anyone (even before I was even more), but when you get such a book, I have a feeling that you are in Zhabko plunged. Somehow unpleasant. Especially when these people have no – one can not fight back. I’m afraid of people who are so easily splash out their personal stories in magazines. Often it reminds offense offended and abandoned. I do not believe in the sincerity of the experience. While many artists agree to this because it is elementary, sorry, it is necessary for something to eat. But I always refuse to give such an interview, I was offered a lot of time to go down the stairs … God forbid writing the biography, I’m not interested. Summarize immodest and indecent at my age. And some travel notes, some impressions, the era that I managed to catch, leaving nature – that’s what I write … I remember my childhood classmate said: “What is your Pugachiha – she also smokes” I even fought from -this this: “Alla does not smoke!” Now I know that Alla is smoking, and how … I remember my first big purchase. I bought a coat in 14 years, wore mail. Long coat in herringbone, it seemed to me I was beautiful. And it went to a meeting with Elena Yakovleva . When I saw the Lena , I was stunned. I really had the imprudence to many years later, it is to tell what I think it is very upset. It turned out something like that, “I grew up on your movies»

-. Remember when you first learned on the street

-? One It amused me when I go, and suddenly I heard: “uncle, uncle,” I think: uncle of the name. I turned around and realize that it is me! I think: come, uncle! It’s funny! Basically my attention is still happy, I’m not hiding, I did not steal anything, why should I hide? And I think it is right when the artist knows. It would be worse if I had no one recognized, no one loved, the empty halls would be … So bad I do not see in popularity, another thing I do not like it when artists use it, coming down to market level and losing “face.”


In the “herring under a fur coat” DO NOT PLACE pOTATO BUT ADD JAM

The last visit of Maxim Averin said that everything in the house makes himself can even cook soup. This time, we elicited the actor his recipe specialties. Thus, the “herring under a fur coat” from Averin:

– What’s my secret? Remove the layer of potatoes, it does not make the weather. I once because of “Twist of Fate”, which looked at the same time preparing missed this layer turned out great. It will be easy dish (on weight loss is necessary to expend energy, no power, my whole life – the struggle with weight all his life tormented And eat like I think that people who do not eat or drink -… Or sewn or agents, KGB ). Add the mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, and even jam, cranberry better – advised the actor. – And the green, be sure to throw Georgian grass, put tkemali – just a little bit. This gives a wonderful flavor and aroma. And be sure to buy herring are not banks, and the market itself. There was a funny incident on tour in Germany , offered me – you want to try a herring-virgin? Roger, I love older herring … In baking put herring, sliced ​​her finely-finely, then the onion too finely chopped. In general I like everything to be chopped, especially salad. Not thumps in Olivier lot of mayonnaise, that there was no porridge. Return to the severity, add honey, mustard – purred rather Averin



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