Tuesday, July 19, 2016

10:57 Russians who watch television, earn less – Ura.ru

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The Russians are getting poorer by the fact that watching television Photo: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA .Ru

media consumption growth in the working-age Russians associated with a reduction in other types of activity – and leisure, and work. These are the findings of the study “Measuring the real influence of media on cognitive and behavioral setup man to form new information agenda in society”, which occupies the center of the “Class” of the grant ISEP Fund within six months.

The researchers found that those who more than watching television – earn less. According to a sample of “class”, the proceeds of active Russians (who rarely click on the TV remote) is almost two times more than the most reflective (who spend in front of TV all evening): 90 thousand to 47 thousand rubles, leads the research findings edition of “Money.”

«active media consumption, including television, is a consequence of the low social activity – when life is not enough, people watching television – says one of the authors of the study, the general director of consulting company” Dymshits and partners, “Michael Dymshits. – But when they sit down to watch it, they already have a clear understanding of how the world works, and the TV is not affected – it it captures »

The second problem, which says” class “is. that the growth of media consumption on the relationship to power is not affected. “People with low proactive and take a large amount of TV viewing a more critical stance towards the president and his activities,” – said the center’s director Leonid Lifits. According to him, the most loyal to the government are just those people who are not watch TV, they “rather avoid contact with the Russian media”, believing that they can not tell them “nothing interesting».

As He considers Dymshits, active citizens in the event of any problem, “the action of trying to check a possible solution: a little bit of thought put forward the hypothesis and tried to carry it out”, and inactive simply fall into reflection, plunging into the “problem” of the TV. At the same time, those who watch more television, rarely change point of view, whatever it may be and no matter how correlated the information flow.

«Perhaps, at some period of promotion allows to keep faith with those who have fallen income, but for people in a really bad situation, a fridge much more informative than television “, – concluded the experts



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