Monday, July 18, 2016

Scientists: television makes children more vulnerable to bone – Version

Australian researchers have found that children who spend too much time watching TV, at risk of various diseases of bones and skeleton, because such a pastime leads to deficiency of minerals in the body.

The regular pastime of watching television in childhood may later lead to serious health problems. This conclusion was made by Australian scientists who monitored the health of fans watching TV for 15 years. long-term study results have shown that this has a negative impact on leisure state of bones and skeleton, as well as promotes the development of bone diseases, including osteoporosis.

All this time, scientists have observed the children who performed at the TV screen for more than 14 hours a week, as well as those who occasionally watched popular entertainment TV show, and those who do not fit to a TV, choosing instead active holiday.

It has been observed, after a few years in children bones, too was fond of watching TV, it showed a deficit of minerals, which in adulthood can cause bone fractures or spinal curvature.

In addition, too often watching TV adversely affects the psyche of children. They become more excitable, irritable, and tired easily, and even suffer developmental delay and speech disorders.

The main cause of all health problems is inactivity – usually when children are watching TV, they sit or lie. The most dangerous period is up to seven years. At this time the child is formed musculoskeletal system, and mineral deficiency has a negative impact on the process.

In addition to the TV, in recent years, an additional risk factor is the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, because of which the children are more inclined to refuse to motor activity.


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