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Best 4K TV for gaming. LG 43UH610V, LG 43UH671V, Sony KD-43X8305C –

After the announcement of Microsoft’s console, tentatively called Xbox Scorpio, many users began to think about changing the conventional FullHD TV 4K. The fact is that at the moment toys on consoles come out in 1280 on 720 points, very rarely get to play FullHD 60 frames per second as well as iron modern consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is not allows you to display the picture in this resolution. Soon, however, the market should leave the new console, capable of displaying a picture in 4K and then the developers of toys will go to the creation of new content and a FullHD TV, you have to not play comfortably. And while the new console only in the design, you have a great time to buy a TV for a comfortable game in the future. And indeed, 4K TV is a necessity rather than a whim. All modern movies can be found in 4K, photos, videos on the Internet, music videos – everything comes out in a new resolution as pleasant to watch such content. We have tried to select five televisions that have a resolution of 4K and a matrix that go up and for toys on the console, and other entertainment items. Yes, there are several TVs the LG, but we are not to blame, that the company’s products cheaper than the others.

Sony KD-43X8305C

Almost all compilations, we give an example of a product that is exactly the same as that of all previous competitors, the characteristics, but is much more expensive. That TV from Sony has a diagonal of 43 inches, as in all previous TVs, the picture resolution of 3840 to 2160 points, the matrix IPS here and it has excellent color reproduction, brightness and saturation of the palette. TV can also be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi and Ethernet, running the TV on Android TV operating system with a number of interesting programs, and even toys. In terms of body design is also doing great – narrow stem allows not to buy the entire width of the cabinet in the TV, and compact enough furniture. But the cost of this television is 64 thousand rubles, while the previous gadget to 20 thousand cheaper and has the same characteristics of the list. What is the reason such an increase in cost? To be honest, we have reasons for this are not found at all. If the difference was between some noname-producer and the Sony, yes, but also quite powerful LG manufacturer and the quality of his at the highest level. We do not recommend.

LG 43UF680V

This TV is already quite a while in the market and has earned the title of almost the best product in the segment. We would not say that, of course, but the product is really worth and it plenty of advantages, in order to completely beat the cost. Diagonal is also is 43 inches, it is enough for all types of problems, and if you’re not some kind of a foodie who wants to 60 inches, it claims to be the picture does not. The resolution is 3840 to 2160 points, which is also well suited for comfortable viewing movies and game projects from a distance, even less than two meters. Separately, it is worth noting IPS matrix, which is more accurately and vividly conveys the color scheme and allows you to enjoy a real palette. True, IPS panels have a small disadvantage – the response time is much higher and it affects your success in shooters. The operating system here acts of webOS, has LED lighting, supports all popular formats of video, photo and audio. Support for Wi-Fi allows you to browse content from the internet without additional attachments. The cost is 34 thousand rubles, and a TV worth every ruble of that value.

LG 43UH610V

TV LG 43UH610V is virtually the newest on the market, and not even all the stores of retail sales got it. Year – 2016, you know. The device is ideally suited for all tasks that you choose to perform it, so if you fit the characteristics and cost, then you can safely buy and enjoy. Diagonal is also is 43 inches, resolution up to 4K, the matrix is ​​based on IPS technology with excellent viewing angles, and realistic color reproduction. But if for movies this matrix is ​​ideal, it’s for gaming products is not very. In particular, the shooters with an increased number of active steps, you will understand what I mean. We really liked the TV for the large number of ports for connecting peripherals, allowing you to connect not only to the console, but also all sorts of multimedia consoles, music systems and so on. I do not like the design of the stand – the two legs at the edges of the TV requires a fairly large cabinet, which is not very convenient if you do not. The cost of the gadget is 40 thousand rubles, and for the product of the new generation, we have so much and gave

LG 43UH671V

If the stand we do not like in the previous TV, the LG 43UH671V all quite different – set foot in the center, it is not that big and allows you put the TV on a small cabinet or table, so that the edge of the TV hanging on the sides. This is much more convenient and easier to pick up the stand under the product. Again, the TV was released in 2016, he is considered one of the best in the segment and has all the technologies that are only present in the TV market. Size is 43 inches, the picture resolution of 3840 to 2160 points, the matrix IPS. In this TV will be comfortable playing in any toys on the console to watch movies, TV shows from the Internet and use any other type of content. You have the ability to connect the TV to the Internet both in LAN-cable, and on Wi-Fi, which is also very convenient. Actually, thanks to the compact and stylish design, the presence of all we need and the characteristics of the matrix with a more or less acceptable response times, superior color reproduction and the ability to connect to the Internet via cable, we believe this is the TV for the best games on the console in 4K resolution. The cost is 43 thousand rubles.

Philips 43PUH6101 / 88

it is worth noting that this is a TV that is only being prepared for delivery to retail stores, but its approximate cost we already know, and the official announcement on the site has passed the manufacturer. The invention relates to the budget class TVs in its segment, but it boasts a pretty good list of benefits. Diagonal display here is 43 inches, which is enough for games, movies and other entertainment events, resolution is 3840 to 2160 points. The picture quality is simply gorgeous, and if you play with three-meter, no pixels at all notice will not work. In TV there are analog and digital tuner, there is support for SmartTV, as well as the brightness of the matrix is ​​350 cd / square meter. Of course, supports all modern formats, there are plenty of outlets for connecting all your peripherals and audio systems, TV’s body is made of high quality plastic and looks very expensive. Approximate cost of the device is 28-30 thousand rubles, may change slightly at the time of the official start of sales.


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