Friday, July 29, 2016

In Minsk there is a unique TV premium line of LG OLED SIGNATURE –

In less than five years since the first television sets with a thickness of the smartphone, and here it is, a new record. This week in Minsk will be a unique television premium line of LG OLED SIGNATURE with a diagonal of 65 inches. Incredibly subtle shades, a deep cosmic black, infinite contrast ratio, high-quality acoustics. LG OLED TV – is not just a new TV. This new category of television, the screen where you can see even the smallest glimmer of the stars in the night sky.

 It seems difficult to surprise the modern man: nanotechnology, molecular cuisine, genetic experiments. However, the appearance of the TV, this thin, it can be almost glued to the wall – is striking the most discerning buyers. In this case the picture quality, as close as possible to what we used to see in the cinema, also creates a real Wow-effect.


 LG OLED65G6V – this is the best OLED TV, due to which the home TV viewing goes to another level entirely. The advantage of organic light emitting diode technology (OLED) are samopodsvechivayuschiesya pixels that do not need extra lighting.

 TV design is impressive at first sight: the OLED-screen in an ultra-thin glass looks incredible – as if hovering over the thin stand-base. Near the impression is only growing: the huge 65-inch, the OLED matrix is ​​an incredibly thin glass thickness of only 2.57 mm

 “Filling” TV no less striking.

 OLED HDR function is fully compatible and has passed Dolby Vision certification, which means that the new films coming out in this ultra modern format, will be available in the original quality on your TV.

 Perfect color reproduction is fascinating – about a billion of colors, ranging from the most delicate and subtle shades, ending the deepest cosmic black. Extended range of color TVs LG OLED SIGNATURE 99 corresponds to the requirements of DCI standard, developed by the association of the world’s leading film studios for digital cinema. This 10-bit color depth combined with the infinite contrast makes the image on the screen flawless. Be able to enjoy home cinema picture – it is absolute happiness for all moviegoers and TV adherents

 For the full viewing experience unique sound system, awarded the certificate “highest quality sound” from Harman / Kardon® was created, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of professional audio equipment.



 Thanks to built-in functions to use the TV and just nice. Magic Zoom function allows you to magnify a certain area of ​​the screen to see the smallest details. Magic Mobile Connection allows wirelessly, using a wi-fi connection, connect your smartphone to your TV and enjoy music and video on the big screen. Remote Magic Remote – is the standard of convenience and ease of use

 New version has acquired additional buttons for direct access to the functions and rewind Magic Zoom. OLED TVs from LG designed to make ordinary things in magic and sorcery.

To summarize: LG OLED65G6V have no analogues. TVs with 10-bit HDR OLED-panels with large diagonal currently produces only LG. Unique, ultra-slim, elegant, powerful magic – this TV is capable of much. He can discover new facets of reality. . It’s time to check out

TV OLED65G6V premium line of LG OLED SIGNATURE appears this week in the shop “5 element” in the shopping center Titan

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