Friday, July 1, 2016

“TV” group. The premiere of the song “Just to be anything” – Novaya Gazeta

Michael Borzykin: “I was working on this song in the winter in Thailand on the island. Due to weather contrasts ( “A Winter in Russia”), and she was born.

I was able to look at themselves and their country from afar, get rid of the label, which I hung on itself, and just be a nobody. This gives some degree of freedom.

Our new album that will be released soon, will be called “ichthyosaur”. There is a steady journalistic definition of elderly rockers – “dinosaur rock ‘n’ roll.” And I always wanted to be someone like ichthyosaur. Since childhood, after watching the movie “The Amphibian Man”, I dreamed of a free floating in the water. On land we inhibits the force of gravity, and the water can be easy and independent, as taught Zhvanetskiy.

I want to thank the fans of the “TV”, which participated in the project to “” and helped us . record this album »

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