Wednesday, January 18, 2017

77-inch OLED TV LG Signature 77G6V came in … – Ferra

The YouTuber EverythingApplePro has found more a problem of Apple devices. It seems that the combination Capture the ecrã 2017-01-18, às 16.46.09 (white flag, zero and rainbow) can make an iPhone/iPad lock at the time the message is received.

The problem, according to the YouTuber, is related to the fact that the operating system to associate the set of emojis and try to create the flag with the colors of the rainbow, one of the symbols of LGBTI people.

There are two ways to send this message, and both can block the device. The first method requires a computer and is based on sending a message with the symbols through the native application messages to Apple devices. In this first case, the computer is necessary only for the process of copying, since any application will be terminated if the user try to paste the symbols from your smartphone.

The second method is more time-consuming and involves sending a particular contact that contains the set of emojis prohibited. Initially the error was shared by Vincent Desmurs, French developer, on his blog.

is There a way to, later, fix the error, but it is not advisable to play around with the situation because it is not known if this lock may, or may not, bring other problems to the devices. It is expected that Apple will solve the problem in a future update of software.


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