Saturday, January 7, 2017

Presents a unique OLED TV with built-in screen sound.

contrary To what happened with the iPhone 7, analysts and followers of Apple believe that the next mobile device company, the iPhone 8 will be a success and will surpass the sales of the one who is the current owner record of this line of smartphone, the iPhone 6.


Who says the company’s analytics Nomura, which states that the next iPhone will benefit from a larger installed base of consumers. "The consensus points to 80 million iPhones… only modestly above the super cycle started to emerge of iPhone 6 (75 million [units sold]). However, we estimate that the iPhone will be released to a subscriber base of iOS increased in 45-50% higher than the iPhone 6", you can read on the forecast shared by the Business Insider.

The rumors circulating on the internet about the iPhone 8 makes reference to the launch of three devices. While two will be more conservative and related to traditional and S models (in this case iPhone 7S iPhone 7S Plus), and the third will be a radical change to the level design. Your time will confirm or desmentirão these rumors.


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