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A historic moment! The first American troops already in Poland – cable Republic

TECHNO – 10 years ago, almost to the day, Apple has revolutionized the world of mobile telephony with the unveiling of the iPhone. The smartphone touchscreen, multitouch, acting as a portable music player, phone and mini-computer connected to the internet would influence all the other manufacturers.

But before unveiling their new, Steve Jobs and his engineers have been working on other prototypes, including an iPhone that looked strangely like the classic iPod, with its famous roulette. Former Apple employees who had already sold the drill bit in 2012, but until then, no image was filtered.

In a video (to be found at the top of the article) on-line Thursday, January 5, the site specializing in leaks sonnydickson reveals AcornOS, the operating system that could replace the famous iOS. The screen appears divided horizontally into two. At the top, a menu similar to that of the iPod. Below, the famous wheel that equipped on the portable mp3 player from Apple.

The difference is that here, the menu allows you to make calls, send music, to display his contacts or his calendar. Impossible to know if the video is what it claims to be, but the site notes that a patent filed by Apple in 2006 made reference to a similar device.

The Verge recalls that in 2012, Tony Fadell, a former executive of Apple, had also confirmed that several prototypes of the iPhone had been tested, including one with a selection wheel. It was physical, integrated into the phone. What makes tell the site that what you see in the video is just a version of “virtualized” operating system, allows you to test the features on a computer.

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