Monday, January 2, 2017

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a Lot of people think now in the days of terror of the 11. September 2001, to that date, then regarded as the turning point. But if you ask which event has plowed our era, really, politics, and everyday life equally modified, deep in the pores of the personality penetrated and the economy continue to live in a way that change is not still well understood: Then you need the digits just a little switch, and from 9/11 to the 9. To make January, with the year 2007.

Ralph Bollmann author: Ralph Bollmann, a correspondent for economic policy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung in Berlin.

It was the day ten years ago, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduced in San Francisco the first iPhone. The Smartphone as we know it, was born. Previously, there were devices that were so, but operate on tiny keyboards is complicated. And today, other providers are more successful as Jobs' successor, but their devices are based on the same principle.

The falling impact has hardly seen anyone before. The device itself, there was a certain hype. But the first licenses for mobile Internet were soon after the Federal government had it auctioned in the year 2000, as overpaid and overrated, Why must you go?

Whole branches whirled by each other

the most Underestimated, that the World Wide Web, developed its full power only in mobile Form. Previously, the people looked occasionally at work to the network, the mobile communication determines the whole of life. Whether it is conversations with friends, or banking transactions, the consumer of the messages or the Christmas shopping: Everything is always and everywhere do – in the subway, in the waiting room, unfortunately, also at the dining table with friends or on the road.

More about

The rolls not only our idea in a completely different way, how we deal with data with the currently open result. Swirl it around also entire industries. Travel agencies and bookstores, banks, and insurance companies can no longer rely on old business models. Even the major car manufacturers it hits. Without the ability to be always and in every place on Carsharing, and metro times, would not do without so many city dwellers to own cars. And the smart car, in front of the established brands are shaking now, based in the core on Smartphone technology.

As all of this was not political enough, revolutionized the device, the social participation in General. Even more than for the Western industrial countries for the Rest of the world, for areas where nationwide fixed-line network-phone was never thinking of glass fiber-not to mention the Internet.

Back in the old conditions, there will be

you skipped a step in development, and are equally immersed in the world of mobile data. Today, every refugee gets the information in real time, and when the German Minister of the interior submits an asylum prognosis, the Pull effect of the upper limit, Then all want to quickly to Europe.

conversely, can anyone upload a photo and with a few clicks, global access, and in extreme cases even to influence the world public. Currently, the debate focuses very heavily on the shadow sides of these possibilities. Of “fake news” is the speech of hate-Posts, and criminal activities in the network. This is all there is. Here, too, phenomena that were previously received, through the Smartphone to a new level of quality.

But that should not obscure the view of the new opportunities opening up, democratization and participation, especially outside of our own comfortable zone. In a paradoxical way, the Smartphone has become a world that seems to disintegrate on many Ends closer together. Back in the old conditions. No more than the possibility of the device to the holidays for a couple of hours to rest.


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