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A TV fell on a year-old Muscovite and killed her – the TV Channel “Star”

Auf this Moment had been waiting for Steve Jobs two and a half years. Well, the iPhone was in front of him finally. The device, the technology world had long expected the US group. At MacWorld, it should all be Tech-Nerds on 9. January 2007 finally get to see. But Jobs had not been for Jobs, if he had not made it a huge Show.

to reveal just the iPhone. No, that was too plump. He rather spoke of three devices, which would revolutionize the world. An iPod with a widescreen Display, a revolutionary phone and a breakthrough Internet Communicator. Of course, Apple brought out three new devices. Jobs left it all in the new iPhone to pack. The applause was the Apple Boss.

And not only that. The crowd hooted, as the Jobs, the Display showed the Scroll function, the Internet browser or the Two-Megapixel camera. All things that today appear on the iPhone 7 as an absolute, of course. Two Megapixels? Today, the iPhone is able to resolve his pictures with twelve megapixels. Then, a pixel density of the display is 160 pixels per inch (ppi) from the point of view of Steve Jobs, revolutionary. Today, with 326 ppi twice as much. And long time, no one on an Apple presentation, so frenetically clapped as 2007.

The iPhone, that should not mean the iPhone

Still, Apple has dominated with his iPhone in the past ten years, the market like no other company. It has freed the former smart phones of your installed keys. You made really smart. Only not everyone had believed in this success. Many of the Newspapers – also the “world” – wrote at the time about the new Coup for Apple, and from a device with “touch sensitive Display” or “touch screen”. The word touch screen took hardly someone in the mouth. But you remained rather skeptical. Could Jobs really have success? Would sell the device? The it remains to be seen.

Have exceeded the sales of the iPhone peaked?

source: infographic world

Three weeks before the presentation of the device reported by various media that the Smartphone could not be called the iPhone. The rights to the name would be Cisco, but Apple agreed with the company in February 2007 on the use of modalities. Particularly absurd is the evaluation of then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer seems in retrospect. Not only in German media, he had expressed doubts as to the iPhone.

In a video interview, course he eighth and even a possible success of the iPhone. It was 499 dollars on a subsidized contract is simply too expensive and because of the lack of buttons, ultimately, not for Business more attractive to customers. Apple could perhaps reach a single-digit market share. A gross miscalculation. In spite of the high price and the long reception of seeds – the first iPhone only dominated the lame Edge Standard – could Apple sell in less than a year to six million a piece. To date, more than a billion devices.

“antenna gate” was the first major setback

The right streak of the Smartphone, however, began only with the iPhone 3G that came with a cheaper price, and faster UMTS reception in the summer of 2008 on the market. The Smartphone was also 70 other countries available. Germany was one of the few countries in which even the first iPhone was available and the from the 9. November 2007, only exclusive to Telekom. Only with the iPhone 4, the device was also the case with other German network operators. The high level of exclusivity, Apple is no longer needed. More and more users wanted to have the device.

Until today, each new Keynote where the new iPhone versions will be presented, exactly, although you know in advance, actually everything about the key Features of insider circles. But the high attention has been for Apple in 2010 to the debacle. The new Design, in which the US group, the antenna in the metal outer ring shifted, provided in the case of many users for reception problems. The “antenna gate” was born. Although Apple was able to fix quickly. However, to date, Apple needs to meet the high expectations of the Fans measure – higher than for many other manufacturers.

The metal Ring of the iPhone 4 caused reception problems when the device was inconvenient in the Hand

source: Getty Images

it is reported that As few users in September 2014, iPhone bending 6 Plus in the back pocket when Sitting, little was created later, the “Bendgate”. Other devices carry such a heavy load damage. Paid. Which is not a measure of Apple. From the days of Steve Jobs, it was usual that each device comes on the market, if it is really perfect. But since his death in 2011, the problems with immature products accumulated. Unless there is an Update, the dozens of devices out of operation, or a new Version of the sat instead of Google Maps on Apple’s maps App, which worked but not as well.

Apple’s not alone market share

Apple’s fame has waned. In those days, when again and again on weakening batteries will be written. After all, Apple is an Image-Gau, such as Samsung with its burning Galaxy-Note-7-devices-labile batteries have been spared. From this breakdown, you would not have recovered in Cupertino so quickly.

there is, However, unclear what comes next from Apple. For the first Time ever, the Design with the iPhone 7 in the third year, remained in a row, almost unchanged. A Display covering the whole front page, or, finally, a device that can be wirelessly charged with the anniversary of the iPhone at last? The expectations do not decrease. The last big sales jump for Apple in 2014, achieved with larger Displays on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It is not So easy to go this Time.

again, almost the same Design: the iPhone 7

source: Getty Images

there is Anyway to displace Android in the mobile market. Sold In Germany last Android devices with a market share of approximately 80 percent, significantly better than that of Apple (17 percent). This is not for Apple, although the key number.

Apple earned with Smartphones and more than all competitors

Because in spite of a lower market share of the U.S. group earned so well like no other on the sale of its devices. According to a study by Strategy Analytics, in the autumn of 2016 Apple posted last, 91 percent of all the profits of the entire Smartphone market.

The competition on the Android market is so large that, with its devices, is really money. As the second-placed Huawei follows in the Ranking with 2.4 percent. Smartphone giant Samsung falls in the study under the category of “Other”. However, the margin goes down more lush, Apple will need to continue to be attractive and exclusive as well as Service points, for example, if the battery dies. Otherwise, claps and hoots soon in Apple’s Keynotes for new versions of the iPhone.


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