Thursday, January 12, 2017

You’re not watching TV, you to Pugacheva? – L!

Patent allows full-screen Display 12.01.2017 – 15:23 by Frederik Niemeyer

Apple has now been awarded a Patent that describes how the manufacturer important Smartphone that can hide components such as speakers and cameras behind the Display. Rumors say the next iPhone 8 already, to be a complete front top end of the Display.

As Appleinsider describes, Apple wants to build seems to be a Display with tiny Openings, so that underlying components due to the invisible perforation. The Openings should lie between pixels, which should work best with self-illuminating OLED Panels require no backlight.

Possibly the iPhone 8 is key, therefore, only with the invisible home, but also hidden speakers and hidden Frontcam points. That would be a Sensation.


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