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has started the new year, but the rumor mill in terms of iPhone and co. is already in full swing. Mac & i will dare an Outlook on the Apple-2017-files speculation and explains what might come out of Cupertino.

in 2016, was a comparatively bad Apple year: The 12 months full of turmoil (see Mac & i-the year in review), among other things, plenty of criticism because of the Hardware and price policy, a to the outside overall decline in innovation, as well as the first decline in sales of the iPhone group for many, many years. As of 2017, actually, just better hope Apple friends. Mac & i, has seen what the rumors around the company from Cupertino has to offer for the coming months.

Wait for the iPhone 8

Apple’s most important product is the iPhone. On the next-Generation prospects are likely to have to wait 2017, as usual, for a long time. It stays with Apple for years eingeübter practice, appears to be the “iPhone 8″ in the autumn, probably in September. The date could be postponed for a maximum, if Apple wants to celebrate the 10-year iPhone anniversary on time: The first Generation came on the 29. June 2007 in the US trade.

Appeared to 2016 in March, the compact 4-inch device the iPhone SE, is not such an “out of turn”Hardware in this year – at least the rumor mill is silent yet insistent. This also speaks, that Apple has placed the iPhone SE as a kind of timeless device for (relatively) economical iOS newcomers in his Portfolio. Would be possible that the Hardware is slightly outdated, without turning big on the form factor. That happens but in the spring, is – at least so far – unlikely.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7: it May be that there’s “iPhone 7″ and “iPhone 7s”. Enlargeößern
image: dpa, Monica Davey

But back to September, 2017: with the high credibility of the “iPhone 8″. Currently rumors cooks talk about at least three different models, at least one of which is a clear transformation. IPhone 6, 6s and 7 are the same strong, will Apple put the “iPhone 8″ finally, on a housing reconstruction. For months, speculation about a well-rounded 5.7-inch Display a la Galaxy’s Edge, will be with OLED technology. In addition, the back panel is not metal but – as with the iPhone 4 and 4s will consist of glass. The latter should also be due to a further new function is important: The wire Charge. The Display could also turn out to be for the first time, borderless. The processor performance is optimized.

More of the “iPhone 8″models could see the iPhone 7 is similar, but an improved interior life and a improved camera – accordingly, there is speculation that Apple is going to call next to the “right” of the “iPhone 8″, the other two devices simply “iPhone 7s” and “iPhone 7s Plus”.

The iPad

Of Apple’s Tablet division, have you heard anything for quite some time. The iPad Pro with 9.7-inch screen, improved camera, Smart-Connector port, and Apple-Pencil-support was already released in the spring of 2016. Accordingly, Apple could present a new Generation of its IPad-Pro-product line in March 2017.

iPad family
The current iPad form factors. Enlargeößern
image: dpa, Andrea Warnecke

think of Here, Apple could even three models. In addition to hardware technically improved to 9.7 – and 12.9-inch models (the auto color temperature adjustment) is missing the 12.9-inch Display is still supposed to be a new 10-inch model is planned. It is likely to have in a similar sized enclosure as the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, but about a virtually borderless Display. The 9.7-inch model could then (again) to the entry-level iPad. What about the iPad mini, no one knows – it hasn’t been touched by Apple already for a long time. A rumor from Japan says that Apple is planning a 7.9-inch iPad Pro. So it would say, and write four different iPad sizes.


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