Monday, January 16, 2017

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The rumors about the iPhone 8 is going smoothly, while the firm at the apple is expected present its new smartphone in September 2017. The last date should be fun for owners who are little concerned with the conditions of use of their smartphone, because it has a presentiment of the iPhone 8 as being highly resistant to external aggressions.

According to the The Investor, the new Apple smartphone could be water-resistant, but also dust. The iPhone 7 already was, but the iPhone 8 should be even more.

Apple lines up on the Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung was struck a major blow with the release of the Galaxy S7 : it was the only smartphone to have received the highest level of water resistance and dust proof certification IP68. Other brands, like Apple, had already certified their smartphones as resistant, but had not attained the certification below, the IP67.

The IP67 rating certifies resistance to the water allowing a unit to stay for 30 minutes under the water to being submerged up to 1 meter of depth. The IP68 sanctions, in turn, a resistance of the same duration, but an immersion up to 1.5 metre deep. According to Galaxy S8, that Samsung is expected to unveil in April 2017.

certification IP68 could become the industry standard

If the announcement of an iPhone 8 certified IP68 will no doubt delight lovers of the brand, Apple just seems to follow the trend started by Samsung and which should be also the trend of other manufacturers.

LG, for example, introduced a smartphone mid-range at ces 2017 Las Vegas, the XCalibur, which presents the certification IP68. Its next high-end smartphone, the LG G6, which could be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February 2017, is also expected to be certified IP68.

other manufacturers also, including chinese manufacturers, are expected to align with this new standard in the mobile industry, which would no longer be reserved for the very top of the range.

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