Friday, January 20, 2017

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The Browser Safari – here in the private mode.

(image: Apple)

Currently circulating on Websites that do so, as you would iOS devices lock. But it can easily handle it.

The lower Saxony police have warned of a currently more common Scam, the users of iPhones and iPads aims. In the case of the party Concerned, the Safari Browser displays a fake “lock screen”. The user is supposed to have committed the crime and is prompted on the screen to payment of a monetary penalty. The lock screens are not, however, come from the police. On the receivables, you should take under any circumstances.

history will be lost during the Unlock

Who receives such impressions, can remove them with a simple Trick – which goes hand in hand with the loss of Browser history. This Safari is closed by pressing the Home button. Now it goes in the “settings” and “Safari”. In the settings of the browser can be removed with a finger tip click “clear history and website data” all the stored browsing data. Subsequently, the lock is removed and the Browser can re-use.

Dubious web sites spread lock

According to police in lower Saxony, this extortion on diving attempts frequently when you visit pornographic sites or illegal streaming services. However, untrustworthy or manipulated ads can be a cause. The page on which the overlay appeared, you should not call again.

Safari saves the currently viewed Websites and downloads it again, as soon as the Browser is (re) started, even if you shoot him. This make use of the lock pages based on malicious JavaScript Code.

[Update 20.01.17 at 23:15:] Alternatively, to delete history and website data, you can first try to disable Javascript. This is under “settings”, “Safari” and “Extended”.

(with Material from dpa) / (bsc)


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