Monday, January 23, 2017

Szczerski: we are Not looking for America alms – cable Republic

If you receive this message, your iPhone will no longer work © YouTube/Everything Apple Pro

If you receive this message, your iPhone will no longer work © iStock

© iStock

Despite from the security systems each time the most advanced of the operating systems of computers, smartphones, or tablets, the truth is that they are always found flaws that allow more understood in the field cause damage to most lay people.

as a rule, for a device to be affected it is necessary to open a message, a file or click on something. But this new bug does not need any interaction to spread the panic.

According to the british newspaper The Guardian, to receive, on any Apple device, a message that contains the emoji of a rainbow, a white flag, a zero and a character hidden is a sign that your device will be infected.

The worst thing is that you do not even need to open the message. From the moment that you receive it, your iPad or iPhone it will automatically stop working.

The same newspaper has confirmed that this bug only affects iOS from version 10.

The French developer Vincent Desmurs, which ensures to have been to discover this bug, explains that this happens because the iPhone tries to join the white flag and the zero in a single emoji.

This problem is not only transmitted by written message. If the character above referred to are in the description of a contact and that contact is sent to you via iMessage, the end result is the same.

Still according to the reported by The Guardian, there are users that ensure that the iPhone turned to be unlocked at the end of some time, others say they have requested the help of Siri and other guarantees have been necessary to make a reboot to the device.


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