Sunday, January 22, 2017

A TV or SMART TV – choose wisely – TV Channel Express

– Never seen the like, ” says alarmoperatør Stig Tetler at the Bergen fire departments.

[BERGENSAVISA] Just after the clock 1400 on Saturday, got the fire brigade the message that it came smoke from a battery inside a store at Laksevåg center.

– First we thought that it could be a large battery, so we responded. But it turned out to only be an iPhone battery, says alarmoperatøren to BA.

No one was injured in the explosion, but the fire alarm should have gone over the whole mall.

– If people were evacuated? I hope when really that people go out when they hear the fire alarm, ” says Tetler kindly.

– Do you often out of iPhone batteries exploding?

– Never seen the like, ” says alarmoperatøren.

Clock 1431 notify the fire service on Twitter that it will be about a accidental damage.

An employee of a shop should have pricked holes in a battery in connection with this should be replaced, and it was this that led to the smoke.

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