Sunday, January 15, 2017

In Nizhniy Lomov guy stole his vending the TV … – the socio-political portal “Penza-Glance” (press release)

Can withstand up to 30 minutes under water.

The good many different rumors about the iPhone 8 for the time being.

Among other things, to get one large screen that covers the entire front, it will have wireless charging, and will come glassdesign.

Now there comes also the information that it should have IP68 certification for dust and water resistance.

iPhone 7 can withstand loads
the Current iPhone has IP67-support, to withstand dust and water spray, and the warranty from Apple covers not even water damage.

This has not prevented the ekstremtester where iPhone 7 has endured 10 metres under water in five minutes – but this violates the therefore, against the warranty.

30 minutes under 1 meter water
IP68-certification by 9to5mac report from The Korea Heralds “many sources” will say that the phone should be able to withstand being submerged in water for up to thirty minutes under one meter deep water.

This means that it can withstand a bit, but it is not advisable to take it with you on the swim, as you can with, for example, the Apple Watch.

It will also say that the iPhone 8 will come up on the level with the Samsung Galaxy S7 – which has had IP68 certification since the launch.

by 9to5mac
The Korea Herald


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