Saturday, January 14, 2017

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it is now ten years since in the stage of the MacWorld Conference in San Francisco, Steve Jobs put to the knowledge of the stakeholders of a new project. It must be noted that the change made by #iphone to our world dates back to at least 12 years ago, when Tony Fadell he began to collaborate with Steve Jobs on a platform that would make available a large amount of music for all owners. The winning move was to transform an iPod in a sophisticated product that it is not restricted to put a computer in a cell. The history of the smartphone, most famous in the world, directly connected to the personality of Jobs that many times, it also managed to impress all those, who adore Android.

for example, talks about his idea of working on a touch screen as big as a ping-pong table, and from them the birth of our current screens from 6 inches. the The idea think big has had a positive response. the Jobs decide so that it will work even alone, not to give particular repercussion to his team on the choice of how many physical buttons, there had to be on the Iphone. From them the choice, without the knowledge of the then member, to eliminate any physical button by giving you the opportunity to interact with the device just by screen. Even if it was taken into consideration, and then developed the idea to use the screen through a stylus touchscreen. the Jobs he was very stubborn and did not listen to Fadell even when the same, he spoke the following words : “Too difficult to use, we were turning into a phone at the wheel of the ’60′s”.

So he decided to act secretly working on his project and informing the member only a couple of times a month on the development of the design. the Jobs, in fact, he often worked from home to avoid prying eyes or leakage of information arising from work in the team. The basic Apple to Cupertino was only the place of meeting for comment on the developments but not the true base of operations for Jobs.

Jobs he also revealed that during a trip in the airplane lost a prototype Iphone; he was immediately intimidated thinking of a possible theft on the part of some engineer that then you find out you nationality Swedish. Fortunately, the inventor of the Iphone managed to protect what would become the prototype is more important than the history.

ll Apple’s CEO dovrà do inevitably the accounts with the first results its business. sales of the iPhone have, in fact, started to decline and those of the iPad have been subjected to a heavy halt. The relaunch of the company will be forced to switch, now or in the future, for the launch of new product categories. What will be the news for this 2017?


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