Monday, January 16, 2017

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An early prototype of the first Iphone have found out on the net. Behind the leak is Sonny Dickson, the widely recognized Apple-skvallrare, who shared pictures and a video of what could be Apple’s first smartphone.

the Prototype includes some features similar to those that were shipped with the first Iphone, a casing in aluminium, multi-touch, 2G connectivity, and wifi. But there goes the similarities and, instead, the phone is more akin to that of the first Ipod models.

Foto: Sonny Dickson

the Unit is controlled with a software-based version of Apple’s iconic click wheel, where the wheel takes up the bottom half of the screen, and a menu taken from the Ipod Classic to the top. There is also a "mittenmeny" to change the track forward and back, pause and fast-forward. The operating system is called Acorn OS and are thus far from the IOS users around the world love.

A video on how it all works is to check out the above. And for more images – navigate to the Sonny Dickson’s website.


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