Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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This year celebrates the iPhone his tenth birthday. A good reason for Apple to take the smartphone world to surprise with something new. According to the rumors of the past few months would be Apple is indeed interesting to have plans for the new device. Apple might be working on a major redesign of the iconic smartphone. We put everything on a list that we know about the new iPhones, including the iPhone 8!

Three new iPhones

iPhone 8 wireless charging
A fan-made mockup of the iPhone 8

This year, Apple will, according to the messages up to three devices going to launch. One of them would be a premium device with the codename Ferrari. It is expected that the other two devices lesser specifications will have, and in the fall launched will be. The iPhone 8 (Ferrari) gets a whole new design, while the iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus heavily on their predecessors seem to be.

New curved OLED display

From various sources comes the rumor, that at least one of the devices the LCD screen will be replaced by an OLED screen. We are talking about the aforementioned iPhone 8. According to a Nikkei report, one of the executives at Sharp have confirmed that Apple will indeed use will make OLED screens. This message would be fairly serious can be taken, since Sharp is one of Apple’s suppliers. Also would the screen of the new iPhone bent. The company would be busy with the testing of ten different prototypes. The screen is covered, reportedly, almost the entire front of the unit.

iPhone with passion

The Japanese blog that the first removal of the audio port predicted, message now that the new devices might also be in the red will be available. That would be a sixth color mean for the flagship devices.

Faster and wireless charging

Also, the "Quick Charge" on the agenda for the new phone. This is a feature, which is already available in some premium Android devices. This allows some Android devices within the next 90 minutes fully charged. Also would Apple are working with a technology for wireless charging. The device would not be on a charger need to lie, but through the air on charge. It is not likely that wireless charging this year, will be available for the iPhone 7s, and 7s Plus.

iPhone 8: All of glass

In may last year, reported Nikkei that Apple is planning would be to, for at least one of the devices, to opt for an all-glass housing. When a glass version is released, would the wireless charging is also more likely to be. Also, there are rumors that indicate that Apple again for a stainless steel frame and has chosen. This we saw already in the iPhone 4.

Augmented reality

2016 was the year of the emergence of augmented reality. This was mainly due to the popularity of the game Pokémon Go. According to messages would Apple this technology also to use in his mapping system. In addition, the brand with a special pair of glasses, which undoubtedly wirelessly to your iPhone linked.


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