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The scientists said the danger of a TV – RIA “Swope”


Monday, 16. January 2017

Andy Rubin is apparently planning a spectacular Comeback. The Android Erfnder wants to bring a private company Smartphones on the market. The first device is to not only provide Hardware from the Finest, but also more versatile than the competition.

Andy Rubin wants to know. Information from “Bloomberg” according to the Android inventor a gets into the Smartphone business. Its was founded in 2015 company “Essential Products” is already working on a first device. In addition, products for the networked home should be planned. In the approximately 40-member of the Essential Team, many former employees of Google and Apple, the information service

Rubin writes wants to conquer the as a largely saturated market, allegedly, with a Super-Smartphone. It’s supposed to be smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus, but a bigger screen. Possible this is, among other things, by a borderless Display that sits on a metal frame and ceramic back. The touch screen should be able to distinguish strengths in a similar way to the iPhone, different Pressure.

To have the device with a magnetic connector, so it is possible to not only load, but also by infectious components, new functions can get, so “Bloomberg”. The principle is strongly reminiscent of the LG G5, or to the Mods, the dock at the back of Lenovo’s Moto-Z-models. Essential Products work, among other things, a module with a 360-degree camera, say the sources of the service.

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The development of the Super-Smartphones seems to be already far advanced. Recently, Rubin should have about the device at the consumer electronics show CES, with mobile providers spoken. According to “Bloomberg” could be the market launch of the “Essential Phone” in the middle of this year at a price to iPhone-7-level.

Whether ruby uses its own first Smartphone of the created system, didn’t learn the “Bloomberg”. May be a Benchmark Test can provide information but, on the “PhoneArena” reported. In the case of “Geekbench” has, in fact, a device called the “Essential FIH-PM1″ with the latest Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon 835 and 4 gigabytes of RAM. On this Smartphone 7 to be running Android. There may be at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in late February for more information.

source: n-tv.de



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