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It is the Latin american online store Linio, which each year presents the report Technology Price Index. They have produced information about how much an Iphone costs in 71 different countries.

According to the report, the cost of an Iphone in Sweden just over 570 dollars, which corresponds approximately to 5 100 dollars. Sweden thus on the nineteenth place.

The country that tops the list is Angola in south west Africa. Where does an Iphone only 3 594 sek. Silvermedaljongen goes to Japan, where it is possible to buy a phone for 3 698 sek. The third cheapest in the world is China, where it costs 4 209.

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But it is not everyone who has the opportunity to go to Angola, Japan or China. So, it is possible instead to go to the country that wins the fourth place, and also lies significantly closer to us. In Finland costs a Iphone 4, 255 sek, which means that our neighbour, ends up in fourth place.

In our other neighbouring country, Norway, it is a much worse deal to buy a Iphone. Where you have to be able to cough up 7 754 sek in order to buy an Iphone. It makes that Norway ends up in the top ten-list of where it is most expensive to buy an Iphone.

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But the most expensive it is for those who live in Venezuela. Where has the high inflation rates have been a contributing factor to the price of technology items is rising sharply. An Iphone goes on the entire 874 025 sek.

Venezuela is the most expensive country if you compare the price of an android phone, which costs 69 746 sek in the country. The cheapest androidtelefonen go to buy in Kuwait, for 4 818 sek. Sweden ends up in 36th place, with an estimated price of 5 088 sek.


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