Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Two Holman stole the pensioner’s television, to Sakhalin news (press release)

With the iPhone 7, Apple has-t-he resumed the path of growth ? Apparently not. According to the japanese site Nikkei, the manufacturer had already had to reduce the production of the terminal in January/march 2016 in order to decrease inventories. Last September, with the iPhone 7, new drop, this time by about 20%.

global sales of the iPhone last generation should result in a further reduction of 10% in the production of terminals during the first quarter of the year 2017. Apple would have also difficulties to meet the demand of iPhone 7 Plus, due to a shortage of photo sensors equipping its smartphone.

During the first quarter of its fiscal year 2016, Apple had elapsed 74.7 million iPhone. A record, but marked by a clear slowdown compared to the previous year and the boom of iPhone sales 6.

The situation of the smartphone market has evolved greatly since due to a global slowdown. Apple must also deal with the competition.


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