Monday, January 23, 2017

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the new generation Smartphone iPhone 7 Plus thirteen hours lay at the bottom of the river in Yakutia and remained intact. The gadget was in the water by the negligence of the owner – the inhabitant of Yakutsk, who went ice fishing, and dropped the phone.

“Today a friend called, asked me to help get to the bottom of the iPhone 7 Plus, – wrote on his page in Instagram the user emfedor1983. – It happened that during the night fishing he dropped accidentally into the hole of your brand-new iPhone.”

According to emfedor1983, which successfully removed the gadget from the bottom of the river, the smartphone has been in the water for 13 hours.

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“the Phone lay at the bottom of the river 13 hours with 35% battery. When I got it, battery was 19% , despite the fact that the water temperature was 4 degrees,” said “Savior.”

emfedor1983 also published a video search and rescue operation (caution, obscene language).

the Flagship Apple’s smartphone features protection against water and dust according to IP67 standard. This means that the gadget can stay under water at a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. In practice, these figures may be much higher. So, one of the experiments showed that the iPhone 7 could run after subject day at the bottom of the Dead sea.


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