Wednesday, January 11, 2017

CES-2017: the TV instead of Wallpaper – tvnz – tvnz

“The iPhone is amazing, but not perfect,” wrote David Pogue in June of 2007, at that time editor of the New York Times, in his test report. “It is a pleasure to use it and play with it,” it said in a Wired. “A revolutionary device, ( … ), despite his various quirks, everything else in the shade and a new Era of communication heralds,” predicted Marc slate ‘ on Spiegel Online.

What I would have written if I had to go back and get one of the first iPhones in the Finger? Would have, could have, … but I Didn’t. So I’ll get to that now.

Not with the original iPhone. But at least with the iPhone 3G from 2008. a Close enough: It has the same processor as the first Generation, same memory, same Display, almost the same camera. The biggest differences: a UMTS module, GPS, and a new operating system.

Loads as slow as Windows XP

Now it is in front of me, in the black, oddly high original packaging, which looks like a Smartphone sarcophagus. Discovered in a warehouse for old mobile phones from TIME to TIME ONLINE.

Amazingly difficult it is in the Hand. 133 grams of weight, the only five-less than an iPhone 7. Plump, it is also, at 12.3 millimeters, nearly twice as thick as a current iPhone. With the rounded back it looks like it would have eaten over Christmas too much. Whoever has the designed – Bud Spencer?

It takes almost one Minute until it is booted up. Maybe this is not a tribute to Apple’s operating systems such as Windows XP, so the transition is so difficult? The installed operating system Version 4.2.1 by the end of 2010.

First I see that I am now in the editorial office’s internal Wi-Fi. What is certain, hopefully not a representative indication of permits, how often this password in the past few years, has been changed.

Who can wait three seconds on an App?

The Icon for the YouTube App is still a TV, and a age. The music App is called iPod. Websites such as Spiegel Online will open in the Safari Browser in the Desktop view, the Younger among them will remember the concept. Just as it was in 2007, when Steve Jobs called out in his legendary iPhone Keynote, the side of the New York Times and full of Pride showed as he controlled the article-by-article Marker and had to zoom in to the microscopic handwriting.

Ten years of iPhone – “We call it the iPhone” A snippet of the event ten years ago, with the then-Apple CEO Steve Jobs began the new age of Computers. © photo: Apple/TIME ONLINE

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